Software Downloads


Version 4.01 

31 October 2023


  • Fatigue Analysis for Coiled Tubing (FACT) (More Info)

Version 2.06

27 April 2023


  • Data Acquisition in Real Time (DART) (More Info)

Version 2.53

25 May 2021


  • Three-dimensions Well Profile

Version 2.08

23 June 2020


  • Well Cementing Simulator (CEMENT) (More Info)

Version 2.07

16 Jan 2024


Sentinel System Driver

Download and RUN Sentinel Protection Installer (7.6.7)  program by clicking the hyperlink.

This driver is required to enable the computer recognizes the Security Activation Key (Dongle).

(will be installed in C:\Program Files\Rainbow\Sentinel  System Driver)

Using a  SoftKey

  1. Install the software only

  2. Run the program

  3. Click "Use SoftKey"

  4. Make note of the serial number provided by the program

  5. Send the 

    a - Serial number

    b - Program name

    c - your name

    d - contact details

    e - company affiliation

    f - country 

    to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.