Data Acquisitision in Real Time - DART

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DART is a flexible data acquisition software capable of logging data from any hardware through serial port, Ethernet TCP/IP, or OPC Server. DART can be used for any application where real time data acquisition is required. Features include;


· Up to 64 parameters.


· Real time graphs with scrolling back and forth in time.


· Several curves may be merged on any one graph, or can be plotted individually.


· Flexible scaling, curve colour, number format for each parameter on the graph.


· Upper and lower alarms for each parameter.


· Software calibration of parameters without affecting the hardware configuration.




· Curve smoothing by averaging values.


· User defined/computed parameters.


· Data is available for external applications to perform real-time analysis.


· Importing external data in real-time. This can include external applications outputs.


· Automatic peak/trough detection regardless of sampling rate.


· Sampling rates from 1 second.


· Files playback.


· Zoom facility before printing.


· Summary reports with comments entered in real-time or edited post job.


Data is saved in database files and can be exported to Excel or XML files.