Tube Accurate Depth System (TAD)

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MEDCO’s TAD system is designed to help accurately measure Coiled Tubing Depth using two separate wheel encoders or a twin wheel assembly rigged on the unit. Our proprietry processor technology offers highly accurate measurement and detection of any slippage. This eliminates inaccurate readings which occurs often using conventional counters during reel-to-reel spooling or during operations at the wellsite.



-          Certified for operation in Hazardous Areas.

-          Fully supports MEDCO REAM HMI or other Data Acquisition systems.

-          Available as a stand-alone system incorporating rugged LCD display.

-          Operates with 1.25 to 2.875 inch strings.

-          Can be connected to digital/mechanical guages.

-          Easily installed and uninstalled from CTU.



Power supply

9 to 28 VDC

Operating temperature

-20 to 50 oC

Maximum input frequency

10 kHz

Maximum output frequency

10 kHz

Acceptable K-Factors